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Korean Music Awards 2023 tutte le nominations

I Korean Music Awards 2023 hanno annunciato i candidati per quest’anno!

Korean Music Awards 2023
Korean Music Awards 2023

In contrasto con molti altri premi musicali sudcoreani, che in genere utilizzano i dati di vendita come criterio principale per determinare i vincitori di ogni anno, i Korean Music Awards si concentrano sul successo musicale come criterio primario. I Korean Music Awards 2023 attribuiscono anche maggiore importanza alle canzoni e agli album in sé e per sé.

Korean Music Awards 2023 nominations

Album of the Year

    250 – “PPONG”

    The Black Skirts – “TEEN TROUBLES”

    Nucksal, CADEJO – “Sincerely Yours”

    Line and Circle – “Night and Day”

    Song Young Joo – “Atmosphere”

    NewJeans – “New Jeans”

Song of the Year

    (G)I-DLE – “TOMBOY”

    Silica Gel – “NO PAIN”

    Younha – “Event Horizon”

    Jang Ki Ha – “Envy None”


    NewJeans – “Attention”

Artist of the Year


    Nucksal, CADEJO


    Jang Ki Ha


Rookie of the Year

    Kim Yujin






Best K-Pop Album

    (G)I-DLE – “I Love”

    (G)I-DLE – “I NEVER DIE”

    Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon – “INVU”


    NewJeans – “New Jeans”

Best K-Pop Song

    (G)I-DLE – “TOMBOY”



    NewJeans – “Attention”

    Red Velvet – “Feel My Rhythm”

Best Pop Album

    Light & Salt – “Here We Go”

    AKMU’s Lee Chan Hyuk – “ERROR”

    Lim Young Woong – “IM HERO”

    Jang Ki Ha – “Levitation”

    Choi Beck Ho – “Moment”

Best Pop Song

    250 – “It Was All a Dream”

    DAY6’s Wonpil – “A Journey”

    Younha – “Event Horizon”

    AKMU’s Lee Chan Hyuk – “Panorama”

    Jang Ki Ha – “Envy None”

Best Rock Album

    Lanalogue – “Stereo Out!”

    Concorde – “Supersonic Airliner”

    ABTB – “iii”

    BADLAMB – “Universal Anxiety”

    OVerdrive Philosophy – “OVerdrive Philosophy”

Best Rock Song

    BADLAMB – “Love, Lies, Bleeding”

    HarryBigButton – “Thelma & Louise”

    OVerdrive Philosophy – “Painful Truth”

    Jambinai – “from the place been erased” (feat. Sunwoojunga)

    Concorde – “Rainbow flowers are blooming”

Best Modern Rock Album

    TRPP – “Here to stay”

    The Black Skirts – “TEEN TROUBLES”

    The Bowls – “Blast From The Past”

    Say Sue Me – “The Last Thing Left”

    Huckleberryfinn – “The Light Of Rain”

Best Modern Rock Song

    Say Sue Me – “To Dream”

    Silica Gel – “NO PAIN”

    Cho Yong Pil – “Moment”

    HANRORO – “Let Me Love My Youth”

    Huckleberryfinn – “Tempest”

Best R&B and Soul Album



    CHE – “Kpop”

    Joe Layne – “Life O Life”

    Rad Museum – “RAD”

    Soul delivery – “FOODCOURT”

Best R&B and Soul Song

    BIBI – “JOTTO”

    Sion – “Braindead”

    A.TRAIN – “SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL” (feat. Meaningful Stone, Simun, Seo Bo Kyung)

    Slom – “ANIRAGO” (feat. Zion.T)

    Soul delivery – “NUGS” (with THAMA)

Best Rap and Hip Hop Album

    Qim Isle – “some hearts are for two”

    Nucksal, CADEJO – “Sincerely Yours”

    Lee Hyun Jun – “Lost In Translation”

    Paloalto – “Dirt”

    C JAMM – “Ghenn”

Best Rap and Hip Hop Song

    Nucksal, CADEJO – “Good Morning Seoul”

    Lee Hyun Jun – “White Lighter”

    Zico – “New Thing” (prod. by Zico, feat. Homies)

    Paloalto – “PRICELESS” (feat. toigo)

    lobonabeat! – “Birthday” (feat. BILL STAX)

Best Electronic Album

    Two Tone Shape – “Every Minute”

    250 – “PPONG”

    Glen Check – “Bleach”

    Pierre Blanche – “Ego”

    Salamanda – “ashbalkum”

Best Electronic Song

    250 – “Bang Bus”

    Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon – “INVU” (Moon Kyoo Remix)

    Glen Check – “4ever”

    KIRARA – “Stargaze”

    Pierre Blanche – “Infinite Circle” (feat. Rondo Mo)

Best Folk Album

    Kim Mok In – “Stored Images”

    Lucid Fall – “Voice beside Guitar”

    Bae Young Gyoung – “you my blue”

    Summer of Thoughts – “Hands”

    Line and Circle – “Night and Day”

Best Folk Song

    Kim Mok In – “Walking in the City” (feat. Dajung)

    Lucid Fall – “A Small Handful of Songs”

    Bae Young Gyoung – “I love you” (feat. Sunnie)

    Summer of Thoughts – “Rambler” (with Park Hyeli)

    Line and Circle – “Night and Day”

Best Metal & Hardcore Album

    Seaweed Mustache – “Bombora”

    Visceral Explosion – “Human Meat Distribution Process”

    Dog Last Page – “Drunken Dream”

    Madmans Esprit – “I See Myself Through You Who See Us Through Me”

    Nuclear Idiots – “NCLRIDTS”

Best Jazz Vocal Album

    Kim Ju Hwan – “Candy: Memories of Nat King Cole Trio”

    Youn Sun Nah – “WAKING WORLD”

    Maria Kim – “Stellive Vol. 16 Two for the Road”

    Song Yi Jeon & Vinicius Gomes – “Home”

    Kim Yujin – “A Piece and the Whole”

Best Jazz Music Album

    Hoo Kim Big Band – “Common Heritage of Humankind”

    Kim Jung Sik – “Hangul, Improvisation”

    Mandong – “Big Sun”

    Song Young Joo – “Atmosphere”

    Yu Tae Sung – “Michelangelo”

Best Global Contemporary Album

    Park Jiha – “The Gleam”


    Jung Jae Il – “psalms”

    Ji Park,, VRI String Quartet – “Syntropy”

    Hwang Gina – “Short film”     SINNOI – “ILLUMINATION

Korean Music Awards 2023

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Korean Music Awards 2023

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